The Inter-cultural Ministry committee was set up in July 2006 pursuant to the condition of demography growth at and around Ellicott City, MD. The committee¡¯s objectives then were twofold, firstly, to ascertain the Lord¡¯s direction on Inter-cultural Ministry at Bethel Church, and secondly, to prepare a ministry team for Inter-cultural Ministry

After two months of seeking, the committee unanimously affirms God¡¯s calling for Bethel to commence Inter-cultural Ministry. The Inter-cultural Ministry is biblical and is a springboard for future of Bethel. It will be a vehicle for Bethel to grow, to influence and to be a blessing to its community. Bethel has the resources to be used by the Lord for such ministry.  


With the vision, the committee has also been envisioned on how Bethel can commence Inter-cultural Ministry in a biblical and practical manner. Through the strategic approach in Acts 1:8, the committee proposes that Bethel seeks out its target audience via the pre-existing inter-cultural people relationship amongst its congregation members. This means that for Inter-cultural Ministry, its ¡®Jerusalem¡¯ is at Bethel; and through Bethel, it will proceed to ¡®all Judea, Samaria and the end of the earth¡¯. The committee also proposes that Bethel seek out new relationship with inter-cultural community through some evangelistic activities. It recognizes the Lord¡¯s abundant blessings for Bethel and how important Bethel can to use Inter-cultural Ministry to partner with other pre-existing ministries in order to be effective and efficient in the process of discipleship making.